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Justin Michie is back, preparing to release a new product he guarantees will teach you how to make money online from the ground up.

Who is Justin Michie? There are a lot of big players in the internet marketing industry and knowing who to trust is canada address list very important. Without experience, it can be very easy to fall into some scammers trap. You need to know who you are dealing with at all times.

Michie has been in the internet marketing industry for a while. He has done well and earned a great reputation. He started on his road to internet marketing success when he was 20. He stated an internet marketing business that grew to be one of the largest in Canada. In 2007, Michie released a book called “Street Smart Internet Marketing – Tips, Tools, Tactics & Techniques to Market Your Product Service, Business of Ideas Online.” The book is one of the best-selling internet marketing books and has sold over 10,000 copies.

Michie know what he is doing. He has the knowledge and the skills to make a sustaining income online. The question is, will he pass this on to you?

I have purchased Michie’s products in the past. The last product was “Viral Monopoly.” This actually was a really great buy and I am very satisfied. Basically it is a WordPress plug-in used to make a squeeze page and drives traffic that very quickly goes viral when done right. There is quite a bit more to it then that, but I don’t what to take up too much time talking about it. The up-sells were also an incredible value including “List Getting 101.” This great course gives you everything you need to start building a marketers greatest asset, an email list. I learned a lot from “List Getting 101” and I am very glad I made the purchase.

The new product that Michie is about to release is called “Carbon Copy Commissions.” It will be released March 19th and I am expecting this to be really great. This is what has been released about the product so far. Carbon Copy Commissions is not a software product, WordPress plug-in, or a get rich quick scheme. It is the right way to make money online. Michie will tech you how to make money online from the beginning. If you do not have a website, email list, contacts, resources, or prior experience, this may be for you.

Carbon Copy Commissions will include five powerful ways to earn money online, built on the systems that Michie himself has used in his business.

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“This is exactly what I would do if I was starting over again from scratch and needed to start earning massive cash fast,” said Michie.

Customers will get a full suite of training materials including eBooks, reports, training videos, templates, copy and paste campaigns etc.