CEO Email Addresses

It is a situation that many of us find ourselves in now and again. We’re at a conference or out for a night at our favorite watering hole, and we jot down someone’s email address but forget to put a name. CEO Email Addresses We wake up the next morning with no idea who that email address belongs to. Most folks would simply through that address away, but now, you don’t have to. A new site is offering email searches that are head and shoulders above the competition.

CEO Email Lists

Many people are surprised to learn that there hasn’t been a comprehensive online search tool for email addresses until now. Unlike the types of searches available for phone numbers, you can do both “forward” and “backwards” searches for email addresses. Type in the name of your old college roommate and in seconds you will have their current email address. Type in an email address that you have and you’ll discover the name of the person who it belongs to: the searches work both ways.

This one of a kind service has become one of the hottest tools on the Internet. You can do so much with this service, it is practically limitless. It is now the hottest new networking tool in offices all over the country. Just type in the name and location of a client you’ve always wanted or a CEO you’ve always wanted to chat up, and in seconds, you will have that top secret information you’ve always wanted.