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Do you have a Business Card? Is it optimized? Is that a strange question? When I first heard about Business Card Optimization I thought, what? But after hearing more from Alex Mandossian and learning his optimization strategies, I am hooked! Mr. Mandossian is the CEO of Heritage House Publishing, Inc. and is the founder of the Electronic Marketing Institute. He is also a Faculty Member of Every business is an information marketing ceo phone number list business. The most basic element to market “your” information is your business card. Do you use your card effectively today? Is your card doing you justice and are your contacts keeping your card or does it get tossed into the trash after your event or meeting is over? Your business card is marketing material that you want to be used and used and used over again.

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Think of your business card as a mini billboard. Does that change your thinking? During the video presentation from Mr. Mandossian, he pulled out his card and this was reviewed in detail and I want to share those details with you. With his card, he stated that he can hand out 500 cards and will get 2000 visitors to his website. How does that happen? How? He is passing along value. So, let’s get to the details… Front of Business Card 1 – Your picture needs to be on the front of the card. You want people to remember your face and remember you when you are gone. You can be in any business, any position, and any company. This is the front of your mini billboard. 2 – “I am looking forward to meeting you at this seminar.”

This was on the top of the business card. You can have different cards for specific events. 3 – Include your name and title on the front. And, instead of an address and phone number, include an 800# with a 24-hour recorded message that interested parties can call and get the Frequently Asked Questions answered they may have. You do not want to waste your time with “tire kickers”. So, how do you do this? There are companies everywhere that can do 24-hour messages. Think of the 5-8 most frequently asked questions you are asked. What do you people ask you when they call? Record these questions and answers and your phone calls following will be optimized. Then on the back… Back of Business Card Now for the back of your card, you need to include an offer (or as Alex Mandossian calls it, an “ethical bribe”). Do not just include your website. Mr. Mandossian shared his offer that is on the back of his business card: “At this moment, you are one click away from discovering the seven proven secrets that help you get more done faster, better, and with less human effort.” Ooooh…. that is good. Include your website below the offer and your audience will go to your website and your list will grow. His offer includes a free audio e-book; you can offer anything! So, I will ask you again…Is your business card optimized? Are you interested in building your list? Take these simple and cost-friendly steps to modify your card today. To your success and dreams, Andrea Petoskey Note: What methods are you using to Build your List? Make sure your business card is optimized! It is an easy change!