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If you want to know what’s on your public’s mind, then you’ll want to read this article. Because this article reveals how one publishing house chose its profit boosting titles, how Lionel Richie stays relevant and how you can use their smarts to boost your profits margins. cmo email list

After you have read this article you will know how to tap into the mind of your market, design powerful marketing campaigns that resonate with them, boost profit margins, and stay relevant.

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How they chose profit boosting titles

Many years ago, the way copywriters used to tap into the public’s mind, was by reading the paper cover stickers attached to news-stand copies of Reader’s Digest.

But these paper cover stickers contained no ordinary titles; slapped together at the whim of one Editor, oh no. These titles were representative of the collective wisdom of many Editors, including RD Editors.

How it worked was, every month, hundreds of magazine Editors would read thousands of manuscripts in order to select the best titles to publish in their publications. Then, the Editors of RD reviewed these titles and selected the cream of the crop.

They went further; the business department of RD would then pick from the thirty or more articles for the issue; clinically pruning the list until they had the best three or four titles, they felt, would sell the most copies that month and they always got it right.

Then they decided to take this strategy a little further. RD decided to let their readers chose which topics they would like to read over the ensuing months.

Through a simple advertisement placed in a daily paper, the public were given all the titles for next month’s edition. Then the readers where asked to chose which titles they found most interesting or which topics, based on the title, they would most like to read in the next publication.

The results were very revealing; some titles pulled 5% and yet others 25% or more, in level of interest. Giving RD enough research fodder to work with for months to come.

What made this idea a run away success?

The readers were not interviewed or asked to fill in a survey, they were free to chose from a list of simple headers like: ‘It Pays to Increase Your Word Power’ to ‘How to Stop Worrying’. They would simply tick which title sounded most interesting to them.

Through the many responses they freely received, RD were able to give the public what THEY wanted. They then channelled this valuable information through all their marketing campaigns and every month, published their new titles and asked the public to choose which ones took their fancy.

How can you implement these ideas into your own business?

Nowadays, there are many millions of niche magazines, trade journals, forums, chat rooms, blogs, e-zines and the rest, that express the thoughts of their niche markets or better yet, give the public a platform in which to express their opinions; Amazon the internet store, being a fantastic example – but are we listening?

Through the many powerful mediums at our disposal, social media, blogging, browsing the magazine racks, or by subscribing to the magazines or e-zines our public reads everyday, we can learn a lot about them.

We can also use our initiative: set up alerts that tell us every time someone talks about us or our product and be there to answer a query or problem. Build a blog and invite comments. Ask our customers how they see us. Ask them what kind of product or service they think we should produce or how we can fine tune them to be better.

How Lionel Richie stays relevant

Recently, I was watching Lionel Richie on a chat show. If you have never heard of him, he is a singer/songwriter from the 70s phenomenon, The Commadors. They had hit after hit. He has been in the music business for over 30 years. But the problem with someone who has been doing something for so long, there is a tendency to get stale.

But Lionel was smart, he asked the young singer/songwriters of today, to show him how Lionel Richie could stay relevant and fresh. The result was a new, modern sound with the essence of Lionel at its core.

Because of his smarts, and fabulous new music, his tour and new album will sell millions and he will be around for years to come.

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