Data Lists For Sale

Getting good Wholesale Data is like “Printing Money,” make no mistake.

You may ask yourself, does it matter where I get it? And more importantly, what do I do with it? The goal is to reach your target audience and get the most direct response “Juice” to close as many customers as you can. Data Lists For Sale

This is easily done with one of two methodologies, or a combination of both; Direct Mail or Telemarketing. Each has its hot points, the main differentiations are you would direct mail to those who are on the DNC (Do Not Call) list and use a predictive dialer on those you are allowed to call.

Using the Post Office always generate a better quality contact as the target client is the one initiating a inbound response, but this method is ultimately more expensive.

With either methodology you choose, having control over your lists is imperative.

For both styles of marketing you need a high quality data list. Your list filtering is vitally important for performance. Businesses need companies who care enough about the results to have in-depth conversation about the data, data targeting and how to best monetize that list. There are many top companies out there like The Leadswarehouse, Info Usa and of course the company that I work for. The best part of finding a solid list provider is that once you have this, you will never need anything else. The hard part is done! Once you turn on the marketing machine and work with the right company you have more profitability, more sales, higher agent moral, and most importantly, have you generating leads like the big players out there – almost instantly.

Long awaited, here are the Top 5 Hot Tips for getting the right company on your side:

1) Is the person you are talking sound knowledgeable? This may sound basic, but most people you talk to can’t tell you the difference between credit modeled and co-reg feeds. Don’t buy based on the website.

2) What are their lists geared for – quality mail lists or quality telemarketing lists? Not all lists are developed the same.

3) Which business verticals are they strongest in? Just like a lender, every provider has their own strengths.

4) Do they have Stats and Numbers for your review? A good provider will have ballpark response ranges. (Hint: If they say it all depends on the client – then you are on the wrong track)

5) Do they offer free samples? This is almost always indicative of someone reselling someone Else’s list. Unless you are a major player needing hundreds of thousands of records a day, the only people who will give you a free list are throwing someone’s list against the wall to test it with your time and money.

To finish this up, using the wrong list provider can be a trying experience, using the right one can give you targeted prospects who want what you have. Make sure you pick the right person for your data needs!