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There are a number of free anti aging body and skin products available online but you will have to pay for S & H (Shipping and Handling).

It is important to note that while many people go down the route of purchasing “free trials”, in most cases, the product you choose will be shipped to you within 1 month after the initial shipment unless you have specified otherwise. email a dermatologist for free

It is CRUCIAL, that if you go ahead and purchase a Resveratrol product or an anti-aging face product for $5 say, that you make sure after you have completed the transaction that you do either one of two things.

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Firstly, some products may state in the original payment form whether you wish to receive this product again after 14 days. You will need “tick” that box to confirm that you JUST want the free trial and nothing else.

Alternatively, during your payment you may not be advised of some form of recurring billing, but in the small print, which is rather devious of these companies, this will be outlined.

In this case you will need to contact the vendor either by phone or by email seeking confirmation that you have in fact agreed to JUST accept the free trial and DO NOT want any further billing to take place.

However, a full proof method to this is to pay S & H by “credit card”, therefore if anything unforeseen happens you can request an immediate refund and incur no further charge than the original delivery charge.

Unfortunately, this practice is quite common by even some of the most well known cosmetic giants as they are in essence giving away free anti aging face products or longevity supplements which are worth more than $70 off the shelf.

Many individuals quite craftily abuse this system by ordering free trial after free trial without deciding to continue with one particular brand, but if its an anti-aging face cream you are seeking then dermatologists agree that it is only after continued use that a particular brand will have an effect.

By simply going from one free trial to another they argue you are merely shooting yourself in the foot by not giving one product enough time to work your skin