Find an Email Address in Canada for Free

I’m assuming all of you have seen many sites giving away a free report or bonus but in return they ask for your email. The reason they do this is too build targeted find an email address in canada for free email lists. By doing this, the marketer can build a solid relationship with the people within the list before recommending them to an affiliate.

So many new marketers today overlook the power of the list, they just don’t realize how effective marketing with email can be. I mean, Who can resist a FREE report or eBook just by putting in their email address?

The answer is about 90% of people WILL opt in their email for something free…!

Once you got them in your list, They are now your customer and you can persuade them into buying your product or an affiliates … Just imagine having 50,000 or 100,000 targeted prospects like most of the so called “big gun gurus” have.

Now Imagine, Sending ONE … yes , you heard me “ONE” promotion email with your affiliate link out to this massive list of targeted emails …. You could have huge conversion rates any where from 10% to 30% …. I’ve heard of people getting up to 50% before!

Canada Consumer Email List

That is not all either, when you have built a targeted email lists … you can market to them for as long as you want …. now that you know the importance and the benefits of list building, maybe you’ll think twice about not building a list of targeted prospects to market to.