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Can you help to wipe Thetans from the face of the Earth? There has been an explosion in Thetan awareness in the past 18 months. This is due to the new movies starring Tom Cruise free email list leads download the famous scientologist.

Beware the Dreaded Theet O Vac!

People are looking for a way to discover whether or not they need to take measures to prevent the people around them from this menace. There are a couple of effective ways that this can be accomplished.

You can round up your loved ones and go to the local scientology “church”, they will get out the good old e-meter and ask you a bunch of Very personal questions. Once you have replied they will tell you need an audit. This was not included in the first payment you made and will go on until you cannot afford any more “treatment”.

Another way is to build your own Theet O Meter and test yourself and the people you love. The plans are available to anyone. You can get them online for a donation of any size. Give whatever you can afford! The inventor is not running a church, and has said that there should be no price tag placed on the Plans. The peace of mind that you will attain once you have built and used the Theet O Meter will enable you and yours to live your life with confidence. This is a great way to bring a great deal of happiness to you and everyone that you have tested.

Beware the Dreaded Theet O Vac!

If your Thetan rate is not too high you can proceed as if you are normal, if it is a little more than you feel comfortable with you can make a donation to the Theet O Vac fund. This is another invention from Del Germyn. It can be built in a couple of hours or less and will enable the complete eradication of all

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the Thetans on your person. It was invented in Canada and the plans are hidden in the desert and will be given to the Human race once a predetermined level of donations is reached. This level was set by the Otila, that’s the name of the guys from the UFO they are from the planet Diegg V in the Nusiri-Deci system. It is about 89 light years from Earth.

Please help, with your donation and the ones we have received so far I expect to be able to retrieve the plans in August, 2006. Once I have them back from the desert they will be emailed to everyone on the donation email list.