How to Find an Email Address in Canada

At this every moment, hundreds of businesses across the United States and Canada are cutting their advertising and marketing budgets due to the state of the economy. A common misconception of these companies is that this is the right thing to do – to just lie down and take the economy for what it’s worth and accept the turnout. This is absolutely the wrong approach. Looking into affordable marketing options is the right approach. What businesses seem to have forgotten is that advertising and marketing companies are how to find an email address in canada on this planet for a reason – you present us with a budget that’s comfortable for you and we’ll MAKE IT WORK! How can businesses expect to stay afloat when they seem to be personally deflating their life vests? Wise advertising spending and choosing affordable marketing options is the most optimistic solution for your business to avoid swimming with the fishes. Find out why internet marketing, email marketing and word-of-mouth advertising may just be your company’s saving grace.

In the last 15+ years of working in the advertising and marketing fields, representing both small and large corporations, I have experienced the highs and lows that the economy can throw at you. However, these are the Best Times! These are the times that I find myself extremely energized with making “lemons into lemonade”. Its these strategies and advice that I would like to share with you to help you make it through these troubling times. My affordable marketing options will make it easy for you to navigate these turbulent waters. Bare down and get ready for a great economic storm!

One of the most cost effective and affordable marketing options of advertising today is email marketing. The possibilities for niche targeting are astounding. How would you like to send out a message to the public informing them of what your business is and what features you offer and find out via a simple click on a link within your advertising message – that you have the ability to create a segment of potential consumers who have shown an interest in something you have to offer and send them interest-specific messages for the future – cool huh? And for the low cost of 2 cents an email – now that’s smart business. Advanced email marketing software has this capability and if over the years you have managed to build a large database of customer emails, potential customer emails or you don’t mind spending some extra cash on an email list – email marketing may help you help your customers remember you still exist. 
Modern internet tools are also an interesting way to keep your product/service in the mainstream without ever really intentional doing so.


Over $23 million Canadians surf the internet (CMDC Canadian Media Digest -2008) today and their searches vary over a plethora of categories – why not create a blog about your product/service and get some interesting perspectives from your customers directly or educate your customers about your product/service at their leisure (as opposed to forcing your business on them in more traditional methods such as outdoor advertising, radio spots or high-priced television commercials). This is an extremely affordable marketing options for any business. The addition of a blog in your marketing efforts is simple – this can be an added section to your already existing website or there are thousands of popular blog sites designed specifically for this initiative (, or to name a few). Start listening to what your customers have to say and make decisions based on their feedback.

Lastly, there is nothing cheaper than word-of-mouth (buzz or viral) marketing. Gather some of your staff, get some initiatives and pound that pavement. This can be the form of door-to-door advertising or just promoting your product/service in an area where your target customers tend to patron. Look at how successful chewing gum companies have become (Stride is a great example) by simply standing on the street and handing out samples – any contact point with a new customer is money well spent and one of the most affordable marketing options of today. Blogs, email marketing and word-of-mouth advertising are only three small strategies that can keep your product/service in the eyes of your customers.