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Sales professionals are adopting new outreach methods to better engage leads and build their sales pipeline. Instead of using cold calling as a starting point, businesses are utilizing sales prospecting tools to educate leads digitally through relevant and engaging content. industry contact list This method turns the old sales model on its head, allowing leads to educate themselves on the value of your product or service before you call them. This saves you valuable time and ensures you are only calling qualified prospects who are ready to hear your offer.

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Sales Prospecting Tools for Email

Using email for sales prospecting has become a primary method of pipeline generation for sales reps across many industries and verticals. The right tools can help you gain valuable insight into how leads interact with your brand, content, and website, while allowing you to track measurable results and improve your prospecting over time. Here are some of our favorite sales prospecting tools: 

HubSpot Sales Pro

Formerly known as Sidekick, Hubspot’s Sales Pro is arguably one of the most effective sales prospecting tools available. Sales Pro allows you to have more meaningful, targeted interactions with your leads by tailoring emails sent to prospects based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. Sales Pro requires you to manually enroll leads into sequences, sending them templated emails that are timed and personalized by you. After an initial time investment, you’ll turn your repetitive sales process on autopilot, freeing up time for you to focus on warm leads who are ready to communicate. The idea is to keep leads engaged through email until they’re ready to hear your offer. Sales Pro enables you to:

  • Store contacts in its CRM tool
  • Personalize email schedules and templates
  • Use personalized tokens to create a “personal” touch
  • Contact profiles in Gmail and the web
  • Enable auto-logging of outgoing and incoming messages in the CRM
  • Seamlessly add meetings and create call queues for follow-up
  • Enable email tracking to identify best performing sequences 


This app allows you to track email performance and analytics, integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and other popular CRM and email tools. Certain functions are automated, allowing you to track email responsiveness, meetings, and best practices after an initial set up. ToutApp is best known for its:

  • Calendar integration with all major CRM and email platforms
  • Real-time dialer and recording capabilities
    • ToutApp alerts you when a prospect clicks a button, such as requesting a consultation, so you can connect with a prospect as soon as they’re ready.
  • Integrated sales playbook
    • The integrated templates and content feature automatically aggregates your top performing messaging, collateral, and assets into a shared playbook so you can improve your sales prospecting over time.
  • The “Pulse” report 
    • This real-time sales communication dashboard allows you to get a big picture view of how your emails and sales team are performing. It aggregates data such as the best times of week to email, the number of emails sent, number of engagements, best performing templates and content, and also tells you which of your sales team members are most engaged with leads, prospects and customers.