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Once upon a time, a wise contemporary American made a bold proposition: let’s make November 7th a national holiday. Why November 7th? Because on this date, the average American will have worked as many hours as his or her European counterpart works in an entire calendar year. That’s a solid 15% more time spent on the job, for anyone who read Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos and craves an alternative view of the numbers. Clicksharp’s Small Business Blog does not dabble in public policy, demography, or existential crises. Rather, let’s put the list of hr managers focus squarely on the by-products of our great American obsession. Here are the week-old results of a recent small business survey conducted by Staples, sorted of course in order of ubiquity: * 98% of small business owners and managers work nights, weekends and/or vacations * 72% make business phone calls behind the wheel * 67% do not complete the tasks on their “to-do” list each day * 54% expect to work even harder in 2008 * 52% make New Year’s resolutions for their business * 51% dream about their work * 48% would work even harder if they knew it would double their sales * 38% don’t remember the last time they took a vacation And only 21% wish for more time off in 2008. Read between the lines. Small business owners are making more and more sacrifices, and have begun to view these as necessary to survival. Here’s one last eye-opener: 84% percent have not yet integrated new media (blogs, podcasts, etc.) into their business models.

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What do most small business owners have in common? Typically, it’s that they all, to some extent, do the jobs of all their employees. They need to drive sales, improve margins, launch products and research markets. (Otherwise they’d be chairmen and directors, instead of President/CEO’s.) When fused with corporate strategy, a search engine marketing campaign can meet all of these objectives alongside your other marketing functions, with enough potential for automation to let you dream about something else for a change. Your digital marketing consultant will be happy to explain how. Study was designed by Staples and conducted online by Decision Analyst, Inc. surveying over 300 companies of < 20 employees. Paul Burani is an internet marketing consultant based in New York, NY. After acquiring account experience working with Fortune 500 clients in the advertising and market research industries, he has since turned his attention to startups and growing businesses. His company, Clicksharp Marketing, is a full-service digital marketing consultancy, aimed at helping entrepreneurs market themselves effectively on the internet.