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Email marketing is an essential marketing component of any business in this day and age. Once you’ve chosen your target market, email marketing service or autoresponder, and email content, the next step is building your contact list with qualified leads.

Here are 5 tips to help you build a large email marketing contact list for your business:

  1. Offer something of value.

Before someone dishes out their contact information, they need a valid reason to do so. Entice your website visitors to join your marketing contact list contact list by offering something they need or want such as an informative report or newsletter, a discount, or something else that would be useful and relevant to your target marke

Make it easy.

Very few people will go out of their way to give out their contact information and sign up for an email marketing campaign. To get those email addresses, you have to make the sign up process as easy as possible. Display the subscription form in a visible place on every page of your website to ensure it’s seen by visitors without effort. Make sure the forms are simple and quick to use.

  1. Don’t be too nosy.
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In this era of over-abundant spam and scams, consumers are weary of giving out information to strangers. To ensure as many sign-ups as possible, it’s important to limit the information that you request from your contacts. A first name and email is all that you should need or ask for.

  1. Respect your contacts.

During the sign-up process, ensure prospects know that they are being added to an email list and will receive emails from you. Also include a privacy statement so those who optin know that their privacy will be protected, that they will not receive spam, and that you will not sell their information to others.

  1. Include sign-up links in your emails.

This may seem useless since your emails are going to people who have already signed up, but many of your subscribers will forward useful emails to their friends and colleagues. This is a nearly effortless way to gain more contacts in your list.

As you move through the email marketing process and begin to build your contact list, you will find many of these tips effective. It’s not necessary to do each and every one, but experiment and see what fits best for your business and your customers.

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