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Imagine if you had the names and email addresses of every person in your community who was interested in weight loss, fitness, and toning up. Would you ever run an ad again? Would you ever do another postcard or letter mailing? Would you ever do another grocery store tour? Or would you just send out an email campaign with an offer every time you wanted more clients? Now imagine if you had an info product coming out or you’re launching a new group-training program. How personal trainer email addresses easy would it be to sell a ton of your info products or get a bunch of people to come in for your group-training program if you had that email list I just talked about? Having a list of QUALIFIED leads is like having a license to print money on demand. (or at least the next closest thing) Building an email list of qualified leads isn’t rocket science. The two-step formula is kinda simple actually.

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Step 1. Create a high value report, audio program or video that you can give away for free. This thing really has to be high value and it MUST solve an immediate problem for a niche group of people. (I’ll show you some examples in a second) Step 2. Find and identify all the places your niche market hangs out at, goes to, log onto, publications and papers they read, places they visit, and key words they search for on Google to solve their fitness and fat loss problems. And then get your high value free offer in front of them and offer it in exchange for their primary email address. Here’s a diagram for you visual types: Everyone in your community is a potential SUSPECTS When they request the free report they identify themselves as PROSPECTS Now that they’re on your list you consistently nurture a relationship with you list and some of them decide to actually pay you and become CLIENTS. Simple, right? Here’s a 30,000 foot level picture of how Sam (one of my fitness business coaching clients) built his list of over 5,000 and the timeline it took him to do it. Phase one: He changed his website (more direct response, no confusing links or multiple pages, and a killer opt in on the upper right he uses the opt ins from his FitPro Newsletter account). Now that we have both of these sites dialed in, phase one was to mail out direct mail postcard and place ads in local publication that went to the affluent homes offering a free report and audio program solving a problem (he did not attempt to sell any training from the postcards or ads). At one point he was mailing out 10-20K postcards at a time. BUT he started out with a couple hundred and once that worked he rolled out the big mailings. The mission was to get in the local homes and get people to identify themselves as leads by going to the site and requesting the free report (thus ending up on his email list). He also added his current clients, past clients, past leads to his email list. Within 6 month he has a list of just over 1,000. Phase two: Now that he had a decent list he went to local businesses and offer to do promote their complimenting products and services to his list. NOT as a pitch but more like a review of a product or service you might like kind of thing. Of course in return these businesses promoted his free report to their customers and lists and Sam’s list grew further. Phase three: These days (almost three years later) Sam has spent a lot of time and effort on getting his sites to naturally rank high on Google for specific search terms and he’s got his pay per click ads, Facebook, and Craigslist lead generators and opt ins) dialed in. Now he’s got like ten different ways that he sends traffic to his sites and gets them to opt in to his email list. Easy as pie… Just building a list isn’t enough. You gotta dial it in. By that I mean: 1. It’s got to be a qualified list (people who are interested in what you’re offering). For example I don’t bother going after newly certified trainers. They aren’t entrepreneurial (yet) and haven’t experienced the sales and marketing pain and therefore don’t feel they have a problem. So my stuff is not a solution for them. But a bosu ball is… until they figure out they have no one to use it with : 2. You gotta be consistent. If you plan to email your list weekly then make it weekly. Too many trainers build a decent list and then fail to consistently email them. And when they do it’s usually to pitch a product or new service. Think of it as a relationship… would you be inconsistent with emailing your mom and would you pitch her over and over again without delivering value? 3. Stop the abuse. This is were a LOT of people make a HUGE mistake and create a massive disconnect. They abuse the crap out of their list. They just pitch, pitch, pitch and never entertain, educate, or connect. That’s all wrong. Entertain, educate, position yourself as the expert and then you’ve won the right to make them an offer. A good rule of thumb is a 4:1 ratio. For every four entertaining, educational, and positioning emails you send out you have won the right to send out one pitch email (and even that should be done in a cool way).