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Well you finally made up your mind. You studied and researched online home businesses for weeks and months and you finally decided that the time was right for you to plunk down a pile of dough and join a home business opportunity. You are not alone as you are one of the hundreds of people that join an online business opportunity. (they say every 6 seconds some one joins a home based business). It doesn’t matter if it is direct sales, MLM, one up, two up or any other registerednurses com email combination it is all the same. The company makes promises that they will stand by you and help you succeed. Do they really? That is the question you are trying to answer now. The point of this article is list the top mistakes that are being made by CEOs who are actually driving away their newer sign ups instead of making their company grow. They may sincerely want you to succeed but they make the following big time mistakes.

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1. Not Understanding the Client Base Many times the client base is viewed only as newbies, some experience, experienced and very experienced when it comes to using a computer and more importantly Internet marketing. The hard reality is that this is far from the truth. The client base experience level is very wide and is really on a scale of 1 to 100. 2. Not Having a Clear Concise Plan of What Must Be Explained You need to establish a priority of information that everyone must master and understand. What is step ! and What is Step 2 in the business plan. A concise plan of action and topics for discussion should be on every conference call or training session. We will have an “open forum” just does not cut it for the vast majority of the clients. What they want is solid facts and a step by step plan to do something. An example would be to “How to Write Articles” and please step by step, from getting ideas to publication. 3. Back Office Explanation “Well you will find that in the back office…” How many times have You heard that and still don’t understand what the ‘speaker’ is talking about? There should be a thorough explanation of the back office and all of its workings. How are you suppose to use it if you don’t understand how it works. It was probable developed by someone who has been around the Internet since the mid 90s and is a pro and of course thinks everyone understands what it is all about. 4. Communication Problems This occurs when a client has a question and phones or emails the customer support number. Now the run around begins. You either receive a voice recording saying that someone will respond back to you or your email goes unanswered. Don’t’ call it customer support if it is not responsive. This all comes under the heading of poor customer service which is the death of a company. If you have to, hire a service representative to man the phone and answer questions. Usually the questions are not so technical that you need a computer guru but not getting a timely response is a kin to telling the client that the company is run very poorly. 5. Software Problems and Updates Please don’t tell the clients about how great the company is if you cannot maintain an up to date information system on the company website and back office. Are the latest days and times for the training sessions posted accurately? Have any new updates been added and old ones deleted? 6. Conference Call Presenters It is great to have good old Charlie (who has been around the Internet the day after Al Gore invented it) be the presenter on a phone or conference call. The only problem is that good old Charlie speaks in computer mumbo jumbo and assumes everyone the call understands what he is saying. Not so! The vast majority of people on the call what to get some hard information that they can use right now and don’t really care one way or the other that old Charlie has a down line of 75,000 people and speaks 8 computer languages. Coming Soon: More Articles on Home Based Business Tom Boyuka Tom has been involved with education, coach and teaching for more than 35 years. He is a successful businessman who is active in online marketing.